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This is a proprietary framework where we articulate the vision and the core proposition of the brand – one that is relevant, differentiated, and compelling for the target consumer. More importantly, the strategies will serve as foundation for business-building way-forward plans and programs.

Designed for companies that need to
  • Leader brands that are facing strong new players
  • Heritage brands that need to remain relevant to the new generation of consumers
  • Brands that have plateaued and need to identify problem areas and potential areas for growth
  • Brands who need to update their positioning leveraging on fresh, powerful insights


Consumer Understanding and Brand Equity Audit An in-depth category and consumer understanding of the needs, motivations, purchase decision influencers and preference drivers and an objective, consumer-based assessment of how strong or weak a brand is.
Brand Vision The visualization of the brand’s future state: business targets, growth pathways, target market, brand truths and its purpose and meaning  in the target consumer’s life.
Brand Positioning The competitive and enduring mental angle that makes a brand different from its competitors and appealing to its target
Brand Identity System and Marketing Mix Strategies

Defining the brand as a product/service, an organization, a person, and symbol including visual identity.  It also outlines the directions to bring the Brand Positioning to life. It may include any or all of the 7Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotions, People, Physical  Evidence,  Process).