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We do this by providing a proprietary Business Mapping framework and process that creates overall alignment on the key metrics and identifies the key drivers of performance, pinpoints clearly and objectively key issues and opportunities, and aligns the entire organization on business priorities

Designed for companies that need to
  • Clearly identify the drivers and levers of the organization
  • Gain overall alignment on what the most critical performance metrics are
  • Understand the underlying reasons for their current performance
  • Have and objective assessment of the key issues and opportunities
  • Craft and Prioritize their plans and programs more effectively


Business Metrics Mapping

A series of workshops with key team members that aims to outline the most important measures that drive the business, how they impact performance and the interdependencies of each one using the Acumen BAS Framework Model

Business Performance Deep Dive An in-depth review of the historical performance of the business utilizing the BA Framework co-created with the team identifying the controllable and uncontrollable reasons behind the organization’s business results as well as the most important issues and opportunities that need to be addressed

Strategic Imperatives Workshop

Identification of the areas of the business that must be tackled. These serve as the focus areas for each department’s planning sessions.
Cross-Functional Planning

Presentation, prioritization and refinement of the by department plans and priorities for the year in order to ensure they all ladder up to the agreed strategic imperatives