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Using Acumen’s proprietary methodology, we deep dive and synthesize data on consumers’ relevant needs, motivations, decision influencers, and preference drivers to pinpoint the most relevant insights that serve as foundation for strategic directions, positioning, differentiation, and innovation-driven decisions to address a business challenge.

Designed for companies that need to
  • Identify opportunities through consumer-based strategies
  • Diversify portfolio and stimulate growth through innovations
  • Look for the next big product or campaign idea
  • Mine all existing data to identify clear strategic directions


Data Deep Dive An in-depth look into rich sources of qualitative and quantitative data to uncover patterns and key learning about the consumer
Consumer Segmentation and Profiling Identifying consumer groups through demographic, psycho graphic, and behavioral patterns utilizing advanced statistical and analytics tools
Insight Mining A 6-step process to understand consumers’ deep-seated thoughts, feelings and motivations and articulate relevant, powerful, and business-building insights
Filtering and Strategy Development

Translating insights into business-building solutions by senior industry and subject matter experts