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The Integrated Marketing Communications Plan integrates the strategic marketing plan with the final Brand Map.  We identify the key channels for implementation, the communication objective and strategy for each channel as well as the key execution ideas for each touchpoint

Designed for companies that need to
  • Launch a fresh, new marketing campaign
  • Intro duce a new product or service
  • Re-brand itself, one of its products or services
  • Identify the right mix of channels and messages to increase the effectiveness of its advertising investments


Business Objectives Alignment Session

Co-working session to lay down the objectives, goals, strategies, and metrics for the specific campaign or product/service launch
Agency Briefing and Big Idea A careful process of selecting the agency and their respective big idea recommendation that best fits the campaign or launch objectives

Ideation Session

Optimizing the selected big idea into a clear communication message Marketing Plan Creation – developing the entire strategic and execution plan that encompasses channels, messaging, and specific activities