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We do this by co-developing with you a Service Design document that outlines in detail both the customers’ journey as they experience a service (or product) and all interactions, materials, and processes needed in order to fulfill the service. This provides clarity on how you can provide an experience vis-à-vis customer’s expectations and preferences.

Designed for companies that need to
  • Create a customer experience that delivers on the brand/ business promise
  • Solve broken, painful, inconsistent customer experiences
  • Improve efficiencies in operational processes
  • Update operations as new services, processes, or technology are employed


Service Journey and Scenario Identification

Selection and prioritization of the specific service experience that need to be documented into a service design document
Blueprinting Session A working session with all units involved in the specific service to outline all the steps, materials, and processes in order to fulfill such service as well as the customer journey and apparent pain points from both sides

Tactical Fixes and Strategic Directions Development

Creating patterns from the identified pain points and developing solutions from a short-term and long-term standpoint