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To unearth the right shopper insights and strategies, we use opportunity mapping approach that integrates the most important considerations at the consumer, the shopper, and the customer.

Designed for companies that need to
  • Understand their shopper’s needs, drivers and motivations
  • Prioritize their distribution channels
  • Increase efficiency and streamline their retail investments
  • Improve effectiveness of trade promotions
  • Leverage on their brand strengths to win at retail


Business Analysis and Consumer Analytics

An in-depth look into the business performance as well as consumer understanding of the needs, motivations, purchase decision influencers and preference drivers

Shopper Research

Qualitative and quantitative research studies to thoroughly understand shopper motivations, behavior, and drivers on an in-store level
Insight Mining A 6-step process to understand consumers’ deep-seated thoughts, feelings and motivations and articulate relevant, powerful, and business-building insights
Channel Prioritization and In-store Strategy Development

Synthesis of research learnings to develop strategy to drive shopper conversion