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Brand Equity has to do with what your brand stands for in the minds and hearts of consumers. Brand Equity is one of the most valuable asset of a company and as such, must be properly created, managed and protected. This is at the Core of a Marketers’ responsibility.

This module will enable participants to formulate and articulate their respective brand equities, understand the factors that drive their brand strength and how it should be effectively communicated to the target consumers. 

Throughout the module, participants will be asked to work on their respective brands’ equity statements.


Organizational needs and objectives that the service addresses
  • Appreciating the role of brand positioning as the key to growth
  • When a company has several brands that are applied to several products competing in various segments. While the brands have been successful in the past, aggressive business goals require that their Brand Equities be further strengthened, and this starts by having a clear understanding and articulation of what it should be and how it will be applied to various products.
  • When the marketing teams do not currently have a common understanding of Brand Equity concepts and its elements, as well as a common template on writing Brand Equity Statements.
  • To enable Marketers to review and monitor brand health to ensure it stays faithful to the intended equity among consumers, and corrects deviations from the brand’s core strategy.
Module Objectives
  • To be convinced of the power and value of having a strong brand equity
  • To understand what Brand Equity means and know how to create, build and sustain it
  • Understand the elements of brand equity and how brand equity is measured
  • To provide the knowledge, roadmap, and template to document each individual brand’s Brand Equity Statement
  • To provide the framework on measuring Brand Effectiveness
  • Brand Equity Assessment
  • Brand Identity Template
  • Brand Positioning Template
  • Brand Positioning Statement
Roles/levels that would benefit the workshop

Marketing Managers and Department Heads