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Brand Positioning is the competitive and mental angle that makes a brand different from its competitors appealing to its target. With all the other brands present, it is an imperative for marketers to effectively position its brand to stand-out be their consumer’s preference. 

In this module,  we will help participants develop brand propositions that effectively address target needs while entrenching its relevance and differentiation vs. competition; and that this is effectively communicated in advertising.


Organizational needs and objectives that the service addresses
  • We help participants’ development of the segment’s value propositions required to ensure business dynamics are flexible and quickly adaptable
  • We increase participants to be more capable in supervising the production media execution process, reviews output
  • We guide participants on how to better critique the media mix and media plans and provides inputs for refinement
Module Objectives
  • Learn the key elements of Brand Positioning
  • Develop business and brand strategies into clear actionable communication briefs.
  • Effectively collaborate with the Comms Agencies to bring to life the programs across the marketing mix
  • Create your brand’s positioning
  • Craft Inspiring and Sound Briefs
  • Successfully communicate the business story
  • Give effective feedback and other watch outs
Roles/levels that would benefit the workshop
  • Marketing Managers/Department Heads
  • Marketing Heads/Division Heads