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One of the foundations of strong strategies and plans is fact-based analysis of the current reality of the business.  Data and information is useless unless they are properly analyzed and utilized to drive strategic action.

This is a highly-customized module using client’s data and key business drivers to deliver business analytics required to have an understanding of how their brands are performing in the market in all dimensions.

The training is workshop-intensive so participants immediately apply what they learn.


Organizational needs and objectives that the service addresses
  • There are sufficient body of data and information in the company but there is a need to knowing what to look for and establish as key KPI’s. There is also an opportunity to have more robust market share analysis by geography, size/sku.
  • Businesses operating in Silos, mis-aligned department KPIs
  • To enable Marketers to analyze financial and non-financial business indicators and multi-dimensional problems. Able to accurately identify key issues or actions in complex situations.
  • To enable Marketers to integrate data from multiple sources and analyze effectiveness of marketing activities
  • To enable Marketers to pinpoint the competition/ competitors and analyze their performance based on what they are currently doing. Well researched and written competitive analysis based on factual data
Module Objectives
  • To provide the participants with tools and frameworks to enable them to understand the Company business model, Business Unit Framework, KPIs and drivers of performance
  • To have a common language within Company on the KPIs and drivers of performance
  • Use analytical principles and tools create strategies /action plans that address business implications of opportunities/issues
  • We help the participants develop a more unified understanding and language for the Business model, KPI’s and drivers
  • We train participants to develop data-driven and well analyzed plans
  • Identification of Issues and Opportunities for the Brand / Business
  • Identification of Strategic Imperatives of the Brand / Business
Roles/levels that would benefit the workshop
  • Junior Marketing (Business Analysis 101)
  • Mid-level Marketing (Business Analysis 102)
  • Senior Marketing (Business Analysis 103)