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If marketing is about keeping compelling promises to target consumers, it is equally important that we are able to clearly communicate that promise in the most compelling way. This is the reason why communications continue to get the lion’s share of the Marketing budget for most companies. 

This module is designed to help develop the skills in influencing and inspiring the Advertising Agencies to come out with strategic and business-building advertising.  The module includes having participants learn how to comment on ads, concentrating more on strategic issues vs. executional elements and how to inspire Agency partners.


Organizational needs and objectives that the service addresses
  • Have a common language on the advertising brief and evaluating creative materials
  • Gain skills developing campaigns vs applications. Having a consistent but not similar message across consumer contact points.
  • We aid marketers to be more capable in overseeing the formulation of communication and media strategies and ensuring consistency
Module Objectives
  • To provide the participants who are directly involved in copy development with the skills and tools they need to develop, evaluate and assess the quality of communication propositions and campaigns.
  • To provide a clear understanding of the key roles and responsibilities of the Brand Manager in delivering outstanding brand communication
  • Have a common language on the advertising brief and evaluating creative materials
  • Communications Evaluation Checklist and process
  • Sharpened Creative Briefs
  • Standardized Copy Evaluation process
Roles/levels that would benefit the workshop
  • Marketing Officers
  • Marketing Managers/Department Heads