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Part of a Marketer’s responsibility is to drive his Brand’s volume and profitability.  They thus need to understand the Financial side of the brand, be able to manage it as a business, with revenue and profit deliverables. 

To ensure that the company and marketing teams are focused on the right investments and projects, it is critical that proper and consistent business casing and financial evaluation is conducted. 


Organizational needs and objectives that the service addresses
  • There is an opportunity to deepen the Marketing group’s understanding of the finance KPI’s of their brands.
  • To enable Marketers to apply basic understanding of cost and revenue drivers
  • To enable Marketers to provide a sound recommendation on cost saving, promotions and pricing initiatives
Module Objectives
  • To provide the participants with the skills and tools they need to understand financial parameters of their business
  • Be equipped with concepts necessary for pricing strategy
  • We provide marketers with the basic understanding of cost, revenue drivers and other financial parameters.
  • Finance KPIs Template as part of their monthly reporting
  • Identification of issues and opportunities from their Brand P&L
  • ROI calculation for marketing initiatives
Roles/levels that would benefit the workshop
  • Junior Marketing (Finance for Marketing 101)
  • Mid-level Marketing and Up (Finance for Marketing)