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Creativity and Innovation are competencies that marketers need to utilize in all aspects of their jobs.  Without a steady stream of innovation, companies stagnate as the market and competition continually re-invent themselves.

This module provides teams with a common innovation language, processes and tools.  It includes Team problem solution to harnesses the diverse experiences and personalities of the team members, bonding them as a team to seek innovative solutions.  This will lead to application on Innovations.


Organizational needs and objectives that the service addresses
  • There is opportunity to provide tools to stimulate creative thinking to drive more innovation ideas so that initiatives may generate incremental growth, revolutionary vs evolutionary. To enable Marketers be able to work with R&D, MRD, Agency to ensure a continuous influx of new learnings re:  packaging innovations, product evolutions, ad ideas, insights, etc.

Module Objectives
  • Provide an Ideation Process that is grounded on Consumer Understanding
  • To drive effective innovation for the Company by providing tools and processes and the appropriate mindset and understanding of the innovation idea process
  • Creative Problem Solving Process Overview handout
  • A number of tools that may use for brainstorming
  • Innovation ideas, once translated into Concepts should be ready for Consumer Testing

Roles/levels that would benefit the workshop
  • Marketing Officers/Marketing Managers/Department Heads
  • R&D Managers