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Integrated Marketing Communications allows Brands to keep Consumers engaged and is a key enabler in delivering marketing objectives. This module teaches participants to leverage on consumer behavior in relation to where the customer is, in the decision journey.

Participants will craft targeted messaging in possible touch points, multiple interactions and channel convergence in a highly noise-polluted landscape.

We help participants understand and apply the processes for Promotions, merchandising and Events and supports select projects assigned


Organizational needs and objectives that the service addresses  
Module Objectives
  • Equip marketing personnel with the ability to develop an integrated cross-media strategy and creative message and concept to reach the target audience and deliver the brand promise through an IMC campaign.
  • Measure and critically evaluate the communications effects and results of an IMC campaign to determine its success.
  • Communications Architecture
  • IMC Plan
Roles/levels that would benefit the workshop
  • Marketing Managers/Department Heads
  • Marketing Heads/Division Heads