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The business environment where we operate and live in consists of an endless series of transactions. It is therefore necessary to have the skills, abilities, and attitude to convince people to buy or accept our products and services. One of the skills needed is the art and science or negotiation. But what is negotiation?

Persuading involves being able to convince others to take appropriate action while negotiating involves being able to discuss and reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

This module will share with you an insight on what negotiation is all about. It will also include tips, strategies, challenges and pitfalls in negotiating.

Organizational needs and objectives that the service addresses
  • We help participants improve their influence and persuasion skills

Module Objectives
  • Get a clear and basic understanding of what negotiation is: Why and when to negotiate
  • Learn and try to master the negotiation model process and implement it effectively by developing a negotiation plan
  • Learn to watch out for ploys and tactics of negotiators and how to counter them
  • Build negotiation skills through practice ad develop the core skills of an effective negotiator
  • Develop Negotiation plans
Roles/levels that would benefit the workshop
  • Senior sales personnel (key account managers/team leaders, supervisors, business managers, and executives)
  • Non-sales personnel, who have to deal with other persons, groups, or institutions and come up with resolutions .